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Adirondack History Museum/Essex County Historical Society

The Adirondack History Museum is home to the Essex County Historical Society, an organization dedicated to the ever-evolving interpretation of Adirondack history so as to inspire reflection, scholarship and comprehension of the land and its inhabitants. Our mission is to preserve and interpret Essex County’s collective past to inspire a shared future. We aim to serve as Essex County’s center for the stories that reveal the roots and values of its people.

Established in 1955, the museum is home to a diverse collection of over 6,000 artifacts, including a restored 1897 Kellogg Stagecoach, an early-20th century fire tower retrieved from atop an Adirondack peak, an extensive Arto Monaco toy collection, and archeological remains from 18th century forts at Crown Point. The museum features eight permanent exhibits, including the award-winning Worked/Wild, Arto Monaco and the Land of Makebelieve, and Grace Hudowalski and the Mountains We Climb. We also present at least one new exhibit every season.