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Kregel Windmill Factory Museum***

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Kregel Windmill Factory Museum, the last intact windmill factory in the United States, is truly a unique and immersive experience. Both the building and its collection have achieved a patina that only serendipitous historical circumstances can provide. Not only do guests enjoy the experience of turn-of-the-century American know-how and innovation, but also a standing testament to the achievement of the American Dream.

Whether you are anticipating a visit to Southeastern Nebraska to visit the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum in Nebraska City or are simply interested in water-pumping windmills, welcome to the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum website. This site is designed to open your eyes to another time and place where hard-working, innovative workers helped to harness the wind that made agriculture a viable undertaking in the West.

The mission of the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum is to use the unique resources of this historic factory and its contents to provide a tangible way for visitors to understand how Americans through the years have used innovation, resourcefulness, hard work and thrift to live successfully through changing times. The factory demonstrates how Americans have used and can continue to use the renewable power of the wind to enhance the quality of human life.

Kregel Windmill Factory Museum is open to the public year round: Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 5pm, and Sunday 12-5. The museum is closed Monday. Cost for admittance is 5 dollars for adults and 3 dollars for children and students. It is worth a stop to experience a step back in time to the world of machine manufacturing.


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