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NARM Membership Guidelines

The North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association®

Institutional Membership Guidelines

      • To qualify, your institution must continuously (year-round) provide the following minimum reciprocal benefits to qualifying North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association® members:
        • your member admission price and your member shop discount if your institution has both an admission fee for non-members and a shop,
        • your member admission price if your institution does not have a shop,
        • your member shop discount if your institution does not charge an admission fee for non-members.
      • The yearly membership fee for an institution is US$175 per year. A two year membership is available at the discounted rate of US$300. Membership will begin with the start of the nearest Quarter (see below) and last for one/two calendar year/s depending on which fee is paid. If your institution does not pay by the invoice due date it will no longer be able to participate in the NARM Association and be removed from the official list with the nearest quarterly updates.
      • The NARM Association program is for member institutions to offer their individual members who pay US$100 (or equivalent) or more per year for their membership to their institution. Memberships sold at a discounted price below US$100 do not qualify for NARM benefits.
      • A gold North American Reciprocal sticker or printed replica of the NARM sticker must be placed/printed on the qualifying members cards in order for your members to receive reciprocal privileges. Each member who qualifies must have a valid membership card with the gold NARM Association sticker/sticker replica (if you issue one card for two people you must include both names on the card) and the membership card should display the expiration date, or the member should have documentation of their expiration date available. Guests are not included unless they present a qualifying card.
      • ‘Family’ memberships are not defined by NARM, but according to each institutions’ policies. Please advise your qualifying members to contact the institution they plan to visit in advance to find out that institutions ‘Family’ membership policy to avoid confusion.
      • Upon presentation of a valid membership card with the gold NARM sticker from one of the participating institutions the member will receive the following*:
        • Free/member admission at all times during museum hours
        • The same discount on purchases made on the premises of concert and lecture tickets, as those offered members of that museum
        • The same discount on purchases made on the premises in the gift stores as those offered members of that museum

        (*Note: footnotes placed by the institutions name in the official NARM Listing may restrict some privileges)

        • Each institution is responsible for getting NARM information to its own members.
        • Staff members of participating NARM Association institutions do not automatically receive NARM privileges. Staff members receive a membership card with the NARM Association sticker if the staff member donates at the $100 level or more, or if the institution provides for staff membership at the $100 level or above.
        • The NARM Association will provide a complete, updated electronic NARM Association list by state and city.
        • The NARM Association list will be updated quarterly (mid-March, mid-June, mid-September, mid-December).
        • E-mail is the preferred method of communication.
        • Reciprocal privileges do not include mailings from any institution except for the institution with which the member is directly affiliated.
        • The NARM Association Guidelines are subject to change at the Director’s discretion. All NARM members will be notified of any changes to the NARM Guidelines via E-mail in a timely manner.

(Guidelines Last Updated: February 1, 2013)