“the Woods” by Ry 來 An 苑
Online and in the Nilson Gallery at the Museum through October 18, 2020
The Monmouth Museum
Lincroft, New Jersey

“I always had romantic notions of living close to nature, but it can be a terrible place to be lost on your own.

“I have begun a series of paintings and sculptures featuring characters trying to make their way through a dark forest. The paintings deal, allegorically, with issues of predation & domestic violence, with a cast of vulnerable creatures and animals.

The paintings have an implied narrative. They tie in with one another so that a story seems to unfold from one to the next. It is a story I am rarely able to address with words.”
-Ry 來 An 苑

See More at https://www.ryancanvas.com/

Image: Ry 來 An 苑, a Devil at the Edge of the Woods