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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order more stickers/brochures?

Please contact us for more information.

How can I update my profile on the NARM website?

First you need to Claim your NARM profile. If you have lost the login information you may request a reset using the Contact form. Detailed instructions on how to Claim and update your profile are also available upon request.

Can a corporation receive NARM level benefits? What about a library that pays for a NARM level membership — can they receive NARM level benefits and then give that card out as a ‘pass’ to their members?

The answers lie in what is in the spirit of the NARM guidelines and what would be fair to all NARM institutions. The value of a $1,000 membership in NARM terms would be 10 x $100 level memberships, therefore, a corporation that pays $1,000 or more may receive 10 membership cards at that level, or two NARM level cards can be issued to ‘ABC Corporation’ that may be shared 10 times during the year.

Treating a NARM level membership card as a ‘pass,’ freely shared with anyone in a corporation or library, however, does not fit into the spirit of the NARM guidelines:

“The NARM Association program is for member institutions to offer their members who pay $100 US (or equivalent) or more per year for their membership to their institution. Memberships sold at a discounted price below $100 do not qualify for NARM benefits.”

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