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How It Works

Connecting Individuals and Institutions

The NARM Association is an extensive network of hundreds of cultural institutions across Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the United States. It connects their memberships for unprecedented access to arts, science, history, botanical gardens, and more.

Institutions need to join the NARM Association network.

A cultural institution needs to be a member of the NARM Association network before it can offer NARM reciprocal benefits. Is your favorite local institution a NARM member?  If they are not yet a member, please send them to us for more information about joining.

Individuals and Families join an institution in the  NARM network at the NARM level of membership.

Individuals and families simply find their favorite NARM participating institution and join them.  Be sure to join at the NARM level of membership.  Once you have enrolled and you receive your membership cards from your home institution, you are all set to explore!

Search the member map or download the NARM member list (see “Quicklinks” at the bottom of the page) to find NARM member institutions when planning vacations, business trips or any travel opportunity and open doors to wonderful new discoveries or visit old friends—as often as you wish!

Pack your bags and membership cards and travel across North America to explore our vast network of institutions.

Remember to pack your membership cards when you travel and search the member map or download the member list (see “Quicklinks” at the bottom of the page) when you reach your destination to be sure you have the most up-to-date list of NARM members.  NARM is adding new cultural institutions weekly!  It is always best to contact the institutions prior to your visit to confirm all the reciprocal benefits you will receive.

Ready to Join?

Learn more about how to receive NARM reciprocal benefits at the individual or family level.

More Questions?

Visit our FAQs page to find answers to commonly asked questions about NARM reciprocal benefits and our member institutions.