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2021 Sally James Farnham Webinar Series
Frederic Remington Art Museum
Ogdensburg, New York

A nine-part webinar series in conjunction with its new, permanent exhibition, “Beauty & Strength: The Life and Work of American Sculptor Sally James Farnham.” The webinar series explores Farnham’s life, artwork, and artistic career.

“At the height of her forty-year career, Sally James Farnham held a position enviable to most artists of any generation, having secured an international reputation and critical acclaim. She was one of the few women sculptors of her time to successfully compete for large-scale commissions in a largely male-driven field. Yet the unforgiving sweep of time, with its cultural whims and changing aesthetics, has sadly left little memory of this once powerful force.”

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[Image: Still from 8/31/2021 webinar: “Glimpses of a Human Soul” — Farnham’s portraits were sought after and critically acclaimed for their ability to express the essence of their subjects with energy, vitality, and an appreciation of character.]