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Abstraction and Expressionism
On view through November 23, 202
Marco Island Center for the Arts
Marco Island, Florida

Marco Island Center for the Arts welcomes you to visit “Abstraction and Expressionism,” an exhibition featuring the work of four artists of different mediums. Artists participating include Nancy Norman, Cheryl Costley, Dani Papanikolaou, and Gary Armstrong.

Designed to engage viewers in art that conveys emotion and meaning through means that are not directly representational, the artists all explore abstraction and expressionism through different color palettes, textures, and variety of interpretations. The range of media including carved bamboo, textile, clay, canvas, and paper are used to depict not objective reality but rather shapes, colors and forms to achieve the artistic effect or subjective emotions and responses.

[Image: Dani Papanikolaou, Triadic Color Expression, detail]