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ART/GARDEN: Gregory Crewdson’s “Fireflies” and “Taking Flight”
On view through October 31, 2021
Berkshire Botanical Garden (BBG)
Stockbridge, Massachusetts

“After a really quiet year at BBG we are very excited to once again be able to present ART/GARDEN both inside our beautiful galleries and out on our grounds,” said BBG Executive Director Mike Beck. “Our visitors will be able to take in some really uplifting art this season. ‘Taking Flight’ is a theme that can apply literally as well as figuratively to BBG and to all of us. We should all celebrate the beauty of flying creatures big and small, from the tiniest firefly to the largest raptor. The birds and the bees deserve our attention and our protection.”

The Garden’s Center House Leonhardt Galleries presents photographer Gregory Crewdson and “Fireflies,” small-scale black and white photographs made with just two cameras and ambient lighting, made in a solitary pursuit by the artist on his family’s property in Becket, MA, in the summer of 1996. Photographing “Fireflies” was an introspective inquiry and artistic exercise, a personally meaningful journey.

“Taking Flight,” an outdoor sculpture exhibit curated by renowned art collector Beth Rudin DeWoody, brings together prominent artists to BBG’s gardens and garden rooms, interpreting the seasonal theme. Featured artists include Concha Martinez Barreto, Tracey Emin, Peter Gerakaris, Rachel Owens, Ian Swordy and Immi Storrs.

[Image: At Berkshire Botanical Garden, “Taking Flight” curator Beth Rudin DeWoody and artist Peter Gerakaris with “Spotted Owl Mosaic, 2021”, one of ten sculptures on exhibit throughout the Garden.]