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Artist talk with sculptor William Ransom
December 2, 2021 at 7 p.m. via Zoom and Facebook Live
Brattleboro Museum & Art Center (BMAC)

The Brattleboro Museum & Art Center (BMAC) will present a free talk by sculptor William Ransom on Thursday, December 2, at 7 p.m. via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Ransom will discuss the BMAC exhibit “Keep Up/Hold Up.” In a statement accompanying the exhibit, the artist explains the origins of the title. “I am measured first by my blackness,” Ransom writes. “Our national story predetermines through the weight of white supremacy and its deliberately established structures how my very existence is perceived. I am simultaneously compelled to keep up (maintain) my blackness and to hold up (check) my blackness.”

“History cannot be undone,” Ransom writes in his statement, “but if we examine with clear-eyed focus the truths of history, we can see the ways in which the tensions of today are the direct result of the weight of the past.”

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[Image: William Ransom, Installation view. Photo by Little Pond Digital, LLC]