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BEYOND: Works by Nellie King Solomon and Barbara Stauffacher Solomon
On view through January 31, 2020
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA)
Scottsdale, Arizona

To think outside of the box is to approach a problem, or a question, in a creative way. In the case of the two artists, Nellie King Solomon and Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, they take a critical, yet playful eye to their chosen fields. Both trained as architects but were never licensed, which might explain the way they establish rules, grids, or frameworks, only to challenge their very existence. At the heart of each unique artistic practice lies the confident ability to think and explore beyond the frame.

Nellie King Solomon
Love of Driving – New Narrative Series
7′ × 7′
Acrylic and ink on Mylar
Copyright 2020 | Nellie King Solomon