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Black Mary; or Molly ‘Princess Of Wales’
2016 Video Installation
Bermuda National Gallery

As Bermuda heads into the Cup Match holiday July 30 – 31, 2020 and the emancipation celebrations that it marks, this is a look back at “Black Mary; or Molly ‘Princess Of Wales’”, a two-channel video installation exhibited at the Bermuda National Gallery in 2016, in which Joscelyn Gardner brought to life the story of Mary Prince and examined both historical and contemporary viewpoints of her narrative.

The story of Mary Prince and her impactful contribution to the British abolitionist movement has been a focal point of Joscelyn Gardner’s work for many years. The Barbadian artist, whose mixed media artworks are rooted in her (white) Creole heritage, explores the influence of colonial and patriarchal systems on Caribbean history.

Click here to read more and see a short video of the installation:…/

Mary Prince And The Struggle For Freedom: On Friday 31st July, the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs will be streaming a talk by Dr Clarence V.H. Maxwell on the 1834 Abolition Acts and the role of Mary Prince in securing the legislation.

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Image: Still from Black Mary; or Molly ‘Princess Of Wales’ video installation by Joscelyn Gardner.