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Consider The Trees… Pat Brentano
On view through January 8, 2022
The Monmouth Museum
Lincroft, New Jersey

“Nothing is as it seems on first appearance. It takes time to shift from looking at trees in the landscape to seeing trees as part of a larger abstraction. Nature is not neat. It is tangled, dense and everchanging. Each tree has its own gesture reaching for the sun, and its own way of anchoring to the ground. I am drawn to the bare, broken branches projecting from the trunks of snags. The linear layering of limbs in winter are as visually exciting as the canopy of leaves that bloom in spring. Sometimes it’s a portrait of a single tree and other times it’s about the landscape of the forest.”

─Pat Brentano

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[Image: Pat Brentano, lavender trunks, 36×48]