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Danny Lyon: The Bikeriders
April 22 , 2023 – June 17, 2023
Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum
Temple, Texas

“The Bikeriders” features fifty photographs from the iconic series on biker culture that acclaimed photographer Danny Lyon produced from 1963-67. With this influential series of photographs, Lyon pioneered a new approach: he photographed his subjects from inside, rather than simply as an observer. In 1963, he joined the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club and, over the next four years, participated with the members on long-distance rides and at races, field meets and informal gatherings. Lyon became friends with his subjects and demystified a culture that was often stereotyped as a form of “low life.” Lyon’s book of photographs, also title “The Bikeriders,” was published one year before the film “Easy Rider.”

In addition to bikers, Lyon has photo-documented the Southern Civil Rights Movement, death-row inmates, street kids, and the changing urban landscape of lower Manhattan. He has also produced a number of films and is considered an important influence on contemporary photographers Nan Goldin and Larry Clark.