Dis/placements: Revisitations of Home
On view through December 12, 2020
Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston
Charleston, South Carolina
“Dis/placements: Revisitations of Home” features ten artists whose works deal with issues of displacement from their ancestral homeland in various capacities. All ten artists have been drawn from the exhibition history of the Halsey Institute.

The core of the project exists in a virtual format, functioning as an online platform designed to reach greater audiences and encourage participation and discussion. For each artist, the platform features ten to twelve images of artwork, a response to their work from a guest writer, short videos featuring interviews with the artists, blog posts by Halsey Institute staff and faculty and students at the College of Charleston, educational packets, and other contextual measures.

Shimone Attie, Night Watch (Mikaela with Liberty), 2018. 20’ LED screen on barge, Hudson
River. 30”x45” lambda photograph. Courtesy Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.