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Exposure: Native Art and Political Ecology
August 20, 2021–January 23, 2022
IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Exposure: Native Art and Political Ecology” documents international Indigenous artists’ responses to the impacts of nuclear testing, nuclear accidents, and uranium mining on Native peoples and the environment. The traveling exhibition and catalog give artists a voice to address the long-term effects of these man-made disasters on Indigenous communities in the United States and around the world. Indigenous artists from Australia, Canada, Greenland, Japan, Pacific Islands, and the United States utilize local and tribal knowledge, as well as Indigenous and contemporary art forms as visual strategies for their thought-provoking artworks.

[Image Credit: Hilda Moodoo (Pitjantjatjara) and Kunmanara Queama (Pitjantjatjara), Destruction I, 2002, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 46.85 x 38.66 x 1.18 in. Art Gallery of South Australia, Santos Fund for Aboriginal Art 2002, 20025P24]