Flash: 50 Years of Fashion
On view through April 7, 2020
Marco Island Center for the Arts
Marco Island, Florida

“Flash: 50 Years of Fashion” is a unique exhibit curated by eBella Fashion Editor and photographer Tamara Boxx who, with the team of Ursula and Tim Gibbons, present photographs depicting fashion trends from the 1980s through today. Sandy Windham completes the team with photographic work that captures the spirit of the 1970s.

“We hope people will feel, as well as see, clothing and trends through a slightly different lens,” Boxx said of the exhibit. “The intricacies of fashion create autonomic emotion, even before thought has a chance to take hold. In this exhibit, observers can experience the visual and emotional aspects of fashion while tying in the historical depth of each piece into the process. That picture, a frozen moment of a particular decade, is the complex beauty of artistic photography.”