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FOCUS: Frances Stark
On view through January 9, 2022
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Fort Worth, Texas

Frances Stark is an interdisciplinary artist and writer based in Los Angeles whose work is always evolving. Stark’s output comes in many forms, including painting, video, collage, performance, and drawing. Her singular artistic voice arises from her own experiences; as the New York Times described it, “The artist’s material is her life.”

In recent paintings, such as Reading Henry Miller’s “Air-Conditioned Nightmare” from the mid-1940’s, 2019, and Ian F. Svenonius’s “Censorship Now” for the 2017 Whitney Biennial, 2017, Stark captures in graphic detail different books she is reading. For the “Censorship Now” series, Stark made exceedingly enlarged double-page spreads from the iconic punk musician Ian Svenonius’s 2015 manifesto—a tome containing serious reflections on and critiques of American culture, particularly pop culture and mass media, that is veiled in playful irony and satire and ultimately calls for universal censorship in order to free humankind.

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[Image: Frances Stark, Black Flag, 2018. Oil on canvas. Four panels, each 72 x 93 inches © Frances Stark, Courtesy the Artist, Gladstone Gallery, Galerie Buchholz, and Greengrassi]