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Forms of Inheritance: The Work of Anna Mayer
On view through May 8, 2021
Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
Houston, Texas

“Forms of Inheritance: The Work of Anna Mayer” is an exhibition of ceramic and bronze sculptures that explores humanity’s reckoning with mortality and demonstrates the fragility and fierceness of the natural world.

Anna Mayer’s social and sculptural practice explores the impact of humanity throughout geologic time, with a focus on the temporal relationship between humans and the land beyond an individual’s life span. Her work in the exhibition reflects deeply upon the realities of death and decay. Drawing upon a language of mourning and burial practices, she uses materials like raw clay and porcelain dinnerware to communicate a narrative of what remains when people die and what is left for others to inherit.

Anna Mayer, “We Are Not Only Anything (Left Hand),” 2013-2014. Bronze. Edition of three. Each hand is 9 x 5 x 3 inches. Photo by the artist.