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Hannah Morris: Moveable Objects
On view through April 30, 2024
Brattleboro Museum & Art Center
Brattleboro, Vermont

“These recent works are a continued exploration of the contrast between ambiguity and specificity. The space between the two creates a stage for new visual narratives. Applying layers of paint over an initial collage, I cover, expose, and refashion to tell new stories. I use found imagery to ground myself in a moment in time, and from there, I develop a new narrative by combining old imagery with new. Using a visual language based on colors, tones, marks, and details, I create believable yet implausible scenes. The underlying restlessness and vulnerability of the people in these scenes is a reflection of a struggle to define ourselves.”

— Hannah Morris

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[Image: Hannah Morris, Candy Market, 2021. Digital reproduction on vinyl, 96 x 84 inches, from “Moveable Objects”]