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Historic Collection of Luxury and Sports Cars
Permanent Display
Blackhawk Automotive Museum
Danville, California

Since 1988, the Blackhawk Automotive Museum has been one of the world’s leading classic car museums. A rotating collection of approximately 55 historically significant, artistically inspired and mostly one-of-kind automobiles are presented as individual works of art. The black, polished-granite floors, dark fabric walls, and special exhibit lighting from above, present the cars like jewels in a large case; making Blackhawk one of the most dramatic automotive presentations in the world.

The Museum gallery displays some of the most unique and inventive examples of automotive coachwork and craftsmanship from the 1920’s and 1930’s together with an extensive collection of rare vintage European sports and race cars, along with important styling and concept cars from the 1950’s.

Credit: Photographer Phil Toy