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Honoring Nature: Early Southern Appalachian Landscape Painting
On view through October 21, 2024
Asheville Art Museum
Asheville, North Carolina

This exhibition explores the sublime natural landscapes of the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina and Tennessee. While there were several regional schools of painting around the early 1900s, this group is largely from the Midwest, and many of the artists trained at the Art Institute of Chicago or in New York City.

Through their travels, they captured waterfalls, sunsets, thunderstorms, autumn foliage, lush green summers, and snow-covered mountains—elements that were novel for viewers from cities and rural areas. Though some of these paintings include people, they are usually used for scale and painted with little to no detail, highlighting the magnificence of nature.

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[Image: John Adams Spelman, Untitled, undated. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of Allen & Barry Huffman, Asheville Art Museum.]