In the Artist’s Studio: Featuring Lauryl Gaumer
On view through January 24, 2021
New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU)
Los Gatos, California

This exhibition showcases the work of this local metalsmith, jewelry artist, and glassblower, Gaumer’s “(Un)Wearable” series fuses these ornate ancient crafts to broach sometimes painful conversations about expectations of beauty, feminism, power, and self-worth. The adornments she has styles combine materials that simultaneously project strength and fragility, inspiring the viewer to imagine how it would feel to be in the position of the wearer. NUMU visitors get an intimate glimpse into the handbuilt workspace that Gaumer has fashioned, as well as the process she developed to create the lux glass respirator.

Photo: Lauryl Gaumer, Although the Weight Pulled at Her, the Air Was Safe Again, 2020. Glass, brass, LPR-100 respirator components.