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Infinite Interconnection: Margarita Jane Arguedas
On view February 17 – March 19, 2023
The Monmouth Museum
Lincroft, New Jersey

Artist Statement:

Serving as a meta-reflection for representing the deconstruction of systems in and of themselves— such as the fabric of society, Arguedas hand-deconstructs knit fabric until it arrives at its most fundamental form. A process akin to a run in a pair of stockings, only on a much larger scale. Arguedas adopted this practice over a decade ago while studying at the California College of Art under internationally renowned artist Chiharu Shiota. Shiota describes clothing as our ‘second skin,’ performing our identities through what we wear and our relationships with it. Arguedas applied this concept to her sculpture studies, exploring how we cast ourselves in clothing and deconstructing the physical and conceptual relationship between materiality and identity. Arguedas’s work includes installations, paintings, sculptures, and abstracted digital patterns/animations.

[Image courtesy the artist]