Instruments of Change: An Exploration into Latin American Urban Art
On view through February 23, 2020
Fullerton Museum Center
Fullerton, California

The birthplace of the low-brow art movement, as well as the nexus of many cultures’ creatives, Southern California has become a destination for street artists over the past few decades. The unique art scene allowed many Latin American graffiti artists to transcend the streets and thrive in fine art settings. “Instruments of Change” marks a new chapter in the story of street art’s evolution and starts its next decade on a whole new level.

“Instruments of Change” is a groundbreaking exhibition in partnership with Thinkspace Projects that transforms the Fullerton Museum Center with murals by Alvaro Naddeo, Curiot, Fefe Talavera, Fernando Chamarelli, Hilda Palafox (aka Poni), Paola Delfin, Saner, and Zezão.

This exhibition features a diversity of artistic styles, ranging from photorealistic black and white portraiture to colorful, abstract works with indigenous aesthetics. Some artists in the show, such as Paola Delfín and Saner, have a track record of crafting intricately detailed, building-sized murals, while others like Zezão and Curiot often create work out of the public view in obscure locations like sewers and jungles.

Photo credit: @birdmanphotos