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Japanese Art: Adaptation and Transformation
Open today!
Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA)
Salt Lake City, Utah

“Adaptation and Transformation” is the newest UMFA permanent collection exhibition devoted to Asian art. This new gallery of Japanese art joins “Greater Merit: The Temple” and “Image in South Asia and Chinese Art: Emulation and Innovation.” “Adaptation and Transformation” explores how Japanese artists over the last thousand years have responded to internal and external events and influences in their art-making.

Visitors will find a striking suit of samurai armor whose plates were designed to absorb firearms introduced to Japan in the 1500s. They’ll also see an impressive articulated raptor that demonstrates how a maker of armor transformed his skills to create an intricate moving sculpture. Also on display are a katana and a wakizashi that reflect the 1000-year-plus tradition of Japanese sword making.

Visitors will also see regular rotations of the Museum’s growing woodblock print collection. These rotations will feature works from various eras from well-known artists like Hiroshige, Hokusai, and Hasui.

[Image courtesy Utah Museum of Fine Arts]