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John Lackey: Departure
On view through April 6, 2024
Janice Mason Art Museum
Cadiz, Kentucky

For Kentucky artist John Lackey, 2023 was a whirlwind of manic activity: Covid in January, windstorm damage repair in February, a trip to Iceland in the spring, and the completion of his novel in June.

“Departure” was created from photos Lackey took while rambling around Iceland. Whether it was the fact that he was increasingly able to tell his stories through fiction, poetry, and songwriting or the fact that he was struck dumb by the sight of the grand, stark landscapes and ethereal light of Iceland, this set of paintings represents a departure for John. The pieces adhere to the rough beauty of truth found in the awe-inspiring gnarl of Icelandic rockscapes and waterfalls, of its tough little farms that back up to snowcapped walls of the mountain.

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[Image: John Lackey, Spirit Walk.]