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Jordan Eagles: One Blood
On view through February 18, 2024
Springfield Art Museum
Springfield, Missouri

Blood is frequently associated with violence and death, yet it is a critical life force universal to all humanity. In an era of mass shootings, war, disease, and the urgent struggle over body autonomy and LGBTQI+ rights, blood is a symbolic connective tissue – often sensationalized – and its visceral power is undeniable.

New York-based artist Jordan Eagles has been working with blood as an artistic medium for over 25 years, addressing themes of life-cycle, corporeality, and regeneration, and has developed techniques for preserving the organic material.

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[Image: Jordan Eagles, Blood Mirror, 2015 (detail). Present, 59 human blood donations, blood of Oliver Anene, Blue Bayer, Howard Grossman, M.D., Kelsey Louie, Lawrence D. Mass, M.D., Reverend John Moody, Loren Rice, Ty Spicha, CPT Anthony Woods, 50 PrEP advocates, preserved in UV resin. Courtesy of artist.]