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New Acquisitions
Permanent Collection
Bermuda National Gallery
Hamilton, Bermuda

The Bermuda National Gallery’s (BNG) permanent collection celebrates our island’s unique cultural heritage. After careful consideration, BNG acquired a number of new artworks this year, beginning with the purchase, announced earlier this year, of artworks by Jayde Gibbons and Gherdai Hassell.

In addition to these, the gallery has been gifted a small selection of works by former Bermuda Biennial artist Molly Godet (Bermudian, 1949-2017). “Camden (In Distress)” was bequeathed by the late Nea Willits (along with several artworks of note by local and international artists), whilst “The Edge of Civilization” and “Elycot” were donated by Molly’s children.

[Image: 2008 Bermuda Biennial artwork The Edge of Civilization by Molly Godet, 2006. Collection of Bermuda National Gallery. Gift of Eve and Charlie Godet Thomas.]