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ON::View Residency: Celeste Lindsey
On view through July 8, 2023
Sulfur Studios
Savannah, Georgia

Celeste Lindsey is an artist currently living in San Antonio, Texas. She works primarily with India ink and cyanotype on paper, using narrative, symbolism, metaphor, and abstraction to create works that abandon traditional stretched canvases and frames. During her Residency, Lindsey will produce a series of works with materials that absorb, reflect, or react to the presence of light – India ink, matte-black acrylic paint, and graphite on paper – as part of her ongoing explorations of visibility, representation, and vulnerability.

Artist’s statement:
“I want to create a story in different forms of black with imagery that never makes itself fully visible, even in the light. Much of my art revolves around themes of vulnerability, temporality, the paradox of wishing to stay hidden while longing to be seen, and the concept of the existence of an inner world – a mindscape – within our being that is both a mirror and distortion of our outer world. I aim to create paintings on paper that play with light and reflection by using matte-black paint, India ink, and graphite–media with similar values but different properties, causing them to react to light differently.”

[Image: Celeste Lindsey, Divine Intervention 1. Courtesy Sulfur Studios and the artist]