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Paper Cuts: An International Collage Exchange with Axelle Kieffer
September 1st – October 21st, 2023
ARTS Southeast + Sulfur Studios
Savannah, Georgia

ARTS Southeast + Sulfur Studios are pleased to present “Paper Cuts: An International Collage Exchange with Axelle Kieffer.” This exhibition features over 30 artists from around the world; from Savannah, Georgia in the Southeastern US to Ireland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Canada, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Mexico and South Africa. Local artist and exhibition curator Axelle Kieffer has collaborated on over 200 collages since 2019, mostly through the postal service. These art exchanges challenge the collaborating artists to interpret, expand upon, or completely change the initial ideas of what the final work will look like. During the process, a long-distance dialogue between two (or more) artists is created, where they encounter playful and surprising reactions to their contributions, pushing them out of their comfort zone. These works include imagery harvested from all sorts of ephemera: postcards, magazines, recycled images, photographs, and any material the collage artist may have on hand.

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[Image: Annie Krim-Dejean, France]