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Periscope: Kyle Lang
On view through October 23, 2022
The Monmouth Museum
Lincroft, New Jersey

Artist Statement
Photography is a navigational tool. It is both a means of exploration and rumination. A camera to explore the outside world, and the darkroom to explore the world within.

I find inspiration in the alchemy of early photographic processes. It is an organic medium – emulsifying metals, making impressions with light, and using chemicals to start a reaction. This unexpected nature allows me to surprise myself with what is created. I’m left with questions that only lead to more questions.

I am more focused on the print as this is when a photograph takes on a tangible form and comes to life. It is a practice that is ignored in a digital world. By investigating traditional photography, I intend to keep it alive not by preserving it as it was introduced, but rather by adapting it to fit a contemporary frame.

[Image: Kyle Lang, Life Fruit series]