Raid the Icebox Now
On view through July 19, 2020
The RISD Museum of Art
Providence, Rhode Island

A landmark example of artist-curated museum exhibitions, “Raid the Icebox I with Andy Warhol” (1970) presented entire sections of objects at the RISD Museum as they appeared in storage, with little or no regard for their condition, authenticity, or art historical status. It remains one of the most celebrated and subversive exhibitions in contemporary art. “Raid the Icebox Now” celebrates the 50th anniversary of this exhibition. Artists Pablo Bronstein, Nicole Eisenman, Pablo Helguera, Beth Katleman, Simone Leigh, Sebastian Ruth, Paul Scott, and Triple Canopy have created new bodies of work that use the museum as a site for critical creative production and presentation through the exhibition and digital publication.

Image: Installation photography of “Raid the Icebox Now” with Nicole Eisenman: “Tonight We Are Going Out And We Are All Getting Hammered” at the RISD Museum.