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RAM Showcase: Patrick Nagatani
On view through October 12, 2024
Racine Art Museum
Racine, Wisconsin

Patrick Nagatani (1945 – 2017) was an artist committed to investigating the possibilities of photographic technology. Employing hand-coloring, multiple printings, and constructed scenarios, Nagatani built his photographic narratives through props, careful direction, and image manipulation. In addition to challenging the “truth” associated with photography, he touched on social, cultural, and personal issues, including nuclear power, myth-making, Chromatherapy, Japanese Americans, and the self.

“I am interested in how the photograph is also recognized less as a window on the “real,” and far more as a malleable picture space—constructed and contrived for the purpose of examining representation rather than reality. I am interested in the potential of photography to tell a story.” —Patrick Nagatani

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[Image: Patrick Nagatani, Tap Water, Distilled H20, Vodka—Absorbing Chroma Rays from the Chromatherapy Series 1978 – 2007, 2004. Type C print, 10 x 18 inches. Racine Art Museum, Gift of Paul Harbaugh Family. Photography: Jarvis Lawson]