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On view April 20 through May 27, 2024
Berkshire Botanical Garden
Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Berkshire Botanical Garden’s 2024 Art/Garden series continues with “Re-Rooted,” an exhibition featuring the drawings of Brooklyn-based artist Ellen Driscoll, who takes her inspiration from the resilience and regenerative power of plants.

“Plants have been on the Earth much longer than human beings — adapting through eons of environmental change,” said Driscoll. “As our environmental crisis becomes ever more urgent, my art takes its inspiration from the quiet work plants do to survive, adapt and heal our planet. These drawings reflect on the process by which plants use their root system to clean up toxic contaminants in soil, air and water.

“My hope,” continued Driscoll, “is that these drawings inspire the viewer to reflect on the wonderous botanical alchemy that exists around us and to take hope that we humans can also adapt and reroute the destructive environmental path we are on.”

Driscoll’s work is in major collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of Art.

[Image: Ellen Driscoll, Indian Grass and Oil (2024), Ink on paper, 15” W x 22” H. Photo by Etienne Frossard.]