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Reflecting on New Beginnings: Lindsey Jaeger
On view through September 28, 2019
Janice Mason Art Museum
Cadiz, Kentucky

“Reflecting on New Beginnings: Lindsey Jaeger” is the nature artist’s solo exhibition of her latest series of acrylic paintings and scratchboards. The body of work, including many paintings of birds’ nests cradled in crystal goblets, refers to the dialectic of what unites and separates nature and culture.

The exhibition is the artist’s invitation to return to a childlike state of wonder. Jaeger offers, “Often, as we mature, we get it in our heads that we are supposed to have ‘all of the answers’, and we stop wondering. However, wonder opens us to new possibilities. Wonder solves problems, and being in a state of wonder is an amazing experience, because it feels like exciting amazement. Although there are many benefits to experiencing wonder, wonder requires a toll. To enter into it, we must be open to the possibility of encountering new ideas that will likely challenge our firmly entrenched beliefs.”

Image: Lindsey Jaeger, Wonder, 2019.