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RESILIENT: Jewelry that Empowers
On view through March 17, 2024
Florida CraftArt
St. Petersburg, Florida

Exploring the intersection of contemporary cultural movements and the art of jewelry-making, RESILIENT is a testament to the renewed interest in environmental consciousness, Afrofuturism, and the concept of resilience in the aftermath of the disruptions caused by the pandemic and other historic milestones. The exhibition aims to explore the idea of jewelry as talisman, serving as more than just adornment; a talisman is believed to possess magical properties offering good luck and protection.

Camisha Jackson, an artist based in Seattle, draws inspiration from a blend of cultures, architecture, science fiction, and Afrofuturism in her creations. The artwork titled “The Oracle” is not only bold but also presents itself with an intriguing air of mystery.

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[Image: Camisha Jackson, The Oracle. Photo by Camisha Jackson]