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Rosemarie Gelber
Hidden in Plain Sight: Gems Gathered from the Everyday
January 9 – February 6, 2022
The Monmouth Museum
Lincroft, New Jersey

Artist Statement

I find the pageant of faces provided by those who cross my path each day irresistible. Each is unique and fascinating, often revealing unexpected delights.

As an ‘English as a Second Language’ teacher, in Newark New Jersey, I serve adult refugees, asylees and other immigrants. These students never fail to stimulate and inspire me with their energy, motivation and accomplishments in a world that has not been easy to navigate. I also am a mother and attempt to extend this practice of nurturer to all that I can. I strive each day to live out the intention of having a positive interaction with every human that I encounter, attempting to leave a trace of goodness or laughter behind. I have learned that there is much to treasure from this practice, but only if I make the effort to reach out my hands to welcome it.

Having witnessed tremendous harm that comes to us from our lack of respect for those often considered the ‘other’, I strive to intensify awareness of our commonalities so that we may all better thrive.
The most valuable interactions I have encountered have often come from the least expected places. I hope to celebrate this visually by sharing with you the treasures I have found in the people I have photographed. They have given me the opportunity to see the richness that I didn’t fully appreciate until I connected a little more deeply.

[Image courtesy The Monmouth Museum and the artist]