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SECURITY BLANKET: Embroidered Textiles by Jennifer Smith-Windsor
On view through April 24, 2021
Craft Ontario
Toronto, Ontario

The crisis of the global COVID-19 pandemic has drawn into sharp focus our collective global vulnerability against the threat of an unknown enemy. It has forced us to change our habits, from the way we work, shop, travel exercise, and perhaps most importantly, greet and visit friends and loved ones. It has forced us to ask critical questions such as: What does it mean to be safe and secure? How can we protect ourselves, our families, our friends and strangers? How can we secure our country from incoming, potentially unseen threats?

Coming at a time when we are all searching for comfort and the assurance that we will be safe, the SECURITY BLANKET series seeks to explore the above questions and more.

[Image: Jennifer Smith-Windsor. ‘SECURITY BLANKET: Russia’ (Detail), 2018. Vintage military issue blanket, vintage doilies and lace, embroidery floss. 196cm x 136cm. Photo by Chris Snow.]