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Sofie Ramos: DEEP END
On view through September 5, 2022
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
Boulder, Colorado

Sofie Ramos paints found household items, such as couches and lamps, and re-presents them as characters in her wildly imaginative installations and stop-motion animations. She transforms each object by “cleaning” it in house paint in order to cover up memories and histories to render the object anew. In her installations, she piles these painted objects into architectural spaces, allowing them to sprawl, stretch, and stack on top of one another in truly immersive, one-of-a-kind experiences.

Ramos encourages viewers to consider personal associations with the objects in her jam-packed installations. As she recreates and re-presents familiar objects, they become simultaneously strange and more likable than the original objects. Disguised as funhouses of color and cheer, Ramos’ work explores the unstable balance between comfort and anxiety and between safety and confinement in intimate spaces.

Click here for the artist’s biography and more information:…/2022/summer/sofie-ramos-deep-end…

[Image: Sofie Ramos, DEEP END, latex and acrylic paint on found objects, wood, fabric, foam, paper, cardboard & walls/floor + sound, 2022. Image courtesy of the artist]