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Tell Me A Story
On view through July 24, 2021
Yeiser Art Center
Paducah, Kentucky

Lower Town artist, Michael Terra, has created an immersive space in the Yeiser Art Center gallery. In the center of the room is a duet of sculptures 8 and 10 feet tall. There are single 10 x 10-foot panels. There are poems within poems, light within shadows, and ceramics that move. What brings it all together are the stories. Some of the stories are already written, some of them you will write as you look into the forms, some of them will trigger memories and enable you to travel in time.

Terra says this about his show:

“The best stories belong to us. We love stories because there is something about them that calls to us- is recognizable or familiar- something that reinforces our connections.

[Image courtesy Yeiser Art Center and the artist.]