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The Art of Fashion: Fay Applegarth Maddox
On view through August 20, 2023
Behringer-Crawford Museum
Covington, Kentucky

“The Art of Fashion: Fay Applegarth Maddux” features one-of-a-kind illustrations, advertising clothing and accessories in local newspapers from 1945-1965. The elaborate drawings were used for Reeds of Hyde Park, McAlpin’s, Mabley & Carew, Pogue’s, Shillito’s, Tall Fashions, Macperth Sportswear and more.

Working from her home into the late hours of the night, the native Covington fashionista pursued her art, despite the demands of motherhood, home management, and a cultural environment of women not earning their own wages. Her excellent eye and talent for storytelling gave her work a special quality that engaged the viewer and made her a favorite of advertisers. Dresses, coats, hats and other haute couture are also on display.

[Image courtesy Behringer-Crawford Museum]