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The Stories We Wear
On view through June 12, 2022
Penn Museum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The clothing, accessories, and decorations we put on our bodies tell stories about who we are. They shape how others see us and how we see ourselves.

Showcasing 2,500 years of style and adornment through approximately 250 remarkable objects, “The Stories We Wear” reveals how clothing and accessories offer powerful expressions of identity—examining the purpose and meaning behind what we wear. Discover a spectacular array of attire, jewelry, uniforms, regalia, and tattoos. Explore common threads woven throughout stories that transcend language, culture, and time.

Virtual Group Tours will also be available through the Penn Museum for “The Stories We Wear,” a 3,700 square-foot exhibition that explores fashion and apparel across time. It features a spectacular array of clothing, jewelry, uniforms, regalia, and tattoos—powerful expressions of identity that have purpose and meaning.

[Image: An actor in the Chinese opera wore this satin dragon robe costume onstage. Mang Pao (Dragon Robe) Costume, China, 19th century CE, 29-96-160A]