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Twilight of American Impressionism
On view through September 12, 2021
Portsmouth Historical Society
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“Twilight of American Impressionism” showcases the largely unsung talents of Alice Ruggles Sohier and Frederick A. Bosley, two American impressionists working at a time when realistic art was falling out of fashion and abstract art was in vogue. These two artists created works of profound quality and depth in the midst of the rapidly changing inter-war era. Their successes and failures offer insight into the difficulty of coping with rapid societal change, and their work, rarely seen in public since it was first painted, reminds us that great art, while not always trendy, stands the test of time. William Brewster, guest curator and descendant of both Sohier and Bosley, brings his unparalleled knowledge of the two artists to the project.

[Image: Frederick Bosley, 1881-1942, Elizabeth in Red, or The Red Kimono, 1928. Oil on canvas; 38 x 46 in. Private Collection. (Photo, Jeremy Fogg)]