Hope and The Dawn of a New Day, Unborn Sun, Paintings by John Gordon Gauld
On view through February 7, 2020
Berkshire Botanical Garden
Stockbridge, Massachusetts

New York City based artist, John Gordon Gauld’s compositions depict assemblages that seem unintentional at first, but with sustained attention, reveal a myriad of calculated, symbolic associations. In addition to citing the first organized system of astrology in Babylon,Gauld hints at Ancient China’s complex astrological structure and Hippocrates’ four temperaments—sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic. Gauld’s references span a timeline of over four thousand years — reflecting the ever-changing perceptions of the celestial unknown.

Image: John Gordon Gauld The Archer, 2014 48 x 30 inches egg tempera and 24 karat gold on panel