VIA LUNA: By Way of the Moon
November 20–December 1, 2019
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
Boulder, Colorado

“VIA LUNA: By Way of the Moon” presents hollowware and jewelry by artist Kim Harrell. Captivated by silver in all its forms and alloys, Harrell honors her materials through a minimalist design aesthetic. With an emphasis on line, texture, and color, the works convey archetypal forms and shapes drawn from nature and from the varied landscapes of the artist’s experience.

Harrell describes her creative process in this way: “Historically associated with the moon because of its color and luminosity, silver is called the ‘moon metal.’ The transformative aspect of manipulating the metal into an object still holds wonder for me, particularly raising a bowl. This brings to mind the experience of my other life as a parent. The magic of manifesting a well-balanced bowl out of a flat sheet of silver, through the use of gravity, force, and molecular displacement, is not unlike raising children. Trusting human instinct, common sense, and the knowledge of our elders, we somehow managed to raise beautiful human beings. And so, I trust my instinct, employ my common sense, and listen to my teachers, and like magic, it always seems to, somehow, work out.”

Image: Kim Harrell, Moon Spoons II – l-r: Flower Moon, Worm Moon, Eclipse, Diana, Night Sky, Moon Star (detail), 2019, sterling silver, 23kt gold foil, 150mm x 30mm x 2mm. Courtesy of the artist.