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¡Viva La Ceramica!
On view through January 4, 2023
Marco Island Center for the Arts
Marco Island, Florida

“¡Viva La Ceramica!” features work from the member artists of the Clay Guild at the Art Center. This exhibition draws from themes based on the heart of Latin America’s pottery-making cultures. Since the emergence of the Olmec culture, considered the mother of the Mesoamerican cultures, ceramics, and pottery making, have taken an important place in the lives of the Mexican people.

The early earthenware vessels, anthropomorphic figures, and various types of tools found in the archaeological ruins of the ancient Olmec cities of Tajin, San Lorenzo, La Venta, and Tres Zapotes, suggest the techniques used in their ceramics: the use of clay, the knowledge of primitive firing techniques, their means of coloring and painting designs.

[Image courtesy Marco Island Center for the Arts and the artists]