We Don’t Own Nature: The Artwork of Patricia Brentano
Virtual Main Gallery Show
On view through March 15, 2021
The Monmouth Museum

Patricia Brentano developed a spiritual attachment to the natural world growing up in southern Indiana. Her work is rooted in direct observation and a felt sense of nature. She transformed her suburban yard into a native habitat to benefit the migratory birds as well as the local environment. Much of her inspiration comes from her own backyard. She has partnered with New Jersey Audubon and The Nature Conservancy of Indiana to create site-specific installations. She has received commissions from environmental organizations and hospitals as well as private collectors. As an educator, Pat gives talks on how to transform our yards into native habitats as well as a workshop about learning to see and reconnect to nature.

Brentano states: “Nature is not neat. It is tangled, layered, textured and ever-changing. The isolation we have endured during the past year has forced us to re-evaluate the way we see the world. Now we look out our windows and walk our neighborhoods. We are finding solace in what has always been there, nature. My work is about seeing this authenticity. We must preserve what remains and educate others to do the same. The artist has always had the capacity to comfort and enlighten. I want my work to be a visual voice for the birds.”

Patricia Brentano, Out of the Darkness into the Light, watercolor, 22 x 30 in