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What Are Words For?
On view through March 19, 2023
Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
Chicago, Illinois

“What Are Words For?” is curated by Robyn Jablonski, creative director at Project Onward, and features works by six of the studio’s artists: Catherine Butterfly, William Douglas, Safiya Hameed, Molly McGrath, Luke Shemroske and Lucy Woodhouse. The exhibition centers on the significance of words and language represented in art—What do the words mean? How do they enhance or challenge the images they accompany? Is their presence as significant as their absence? These questions serve as points of entry for audiences to consider when looking at the varied styles of each artist.

“[The exhibition] implores audiences to wander and wonder with these artworks and be present with the images and words presented,” stated Jablonski.

[Image: Luke Shemroske (American, b. 1991), Counterpoint, 2018. Mixed media on canvas, 9 x 12 in. Photo courtesy Project Onward]