Wonderland: Photographs by Kirsty Mitchell
On view through March 29, 2020
Museum of Art – DeLand
DeLand, Florida

Kirsty Mitchell is an award-winning fashion designer and fine art photographer from Surrey, England. Between 2009 and 2014 she created a deeply personal photographic series titled “Wonderland,” dedicated to her mother who passed away from a brain tumor in 2008.

Inspired by her mother’s passion for fairy tales and literature, Mitchell handcrafted elaborate costumes and props to compose and then photograph astonishingly beautiful, fantastical scenes in the lush English landscape surrounding her home. The artist’s five-year journey culminated in the extraordinary book “Wonderland” that documents the seventy-four photographs in the collection and is now in its second edition. This exhibition features 19 large scale photographs from the “Wonderland” series.

The White Queen, 2012
150 x 121 cm; 59 x 47 3/8 inches
Kirsty Mitchell photographer